Transposing has it's advantages and more disadvantages. So If you have a Piano and you have gotten used to the functions, you would have been seeing a function called the "transpose". This function will enable you to be able make you play another key on the key that you are most familiar with.

If you want to do that, if the key you want to transpose to is on the higher octave you will use the minus button, if it is on the lower octave you will use the lower button. How do you know how many times to press it, its by counting how many notes are between the two keys you are dealing with. So if you want to transpose from the key of F# to C# you would press the plus button five times and if it from C# to F# you should press the minus button five times.

There is a material that contains over 250 Nigerian praise and worship songs and another ebook that contains the chord progression of over 150 praise and worhip songs. once you can lay your hands on playing all the solfas on your right hand and accompany them with your chords on your left hand, you would definitely be able to play praise and worship up to 75% level in the church.
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