The Easiest way to get to play all chords very easily is by using the correct fingering pattern. Look at the image below:

For an illustration, let us use the Key of C


C - C E G
D - D F A
E - E G B
F - F A C
G - G B D
A - A C E
B - B D F

All those chords above, which ever way or arrangement by which you want to play them; on the left hand you should use the pinky for the first note, the middle finger for the second note and the thumb for the third finger, that way it is 5 3 1. For the right hand you should use the thumb for the first note, the middle finger for the second note and the pinky for the third note, that way it is 1 3 5.

when ever you play a particular chord, make sure you leave your fingers in that shape, try to stiffen it to that shape and place it on the second chord you want to play, practice it that way for a while till you get used to it. Your fingers will easily get any chord correctly, and it would make you sound like a pro whenever you are playing on another key.

There is a material that contains over 250 Nigerian praise and worship songs and another ebook that contains the chord progression of over 150 praise and worhip songs. once you can lay your hands on playing all the solfas on your right hand and accompany them with your chords on your left hand, you would definitely be able to play praise and worship up to 75% level in the church.
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