You are welcome to Michael Phils Music where we help up-coming instrumentalist to grow and improve in their endeavor of playing musical instruments of their choices. The author of this website who goes by the name Osiberu Michael Opeyemi, who has a degree in Electrical Electronics engineering From Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye. He is a professional who has trained many great instrumentalist over the years in the art of playing their musical instruments. His method of teaching them to play is distinguished among other ways of teaching because of his unique and 'easy to understand' ways which he uses to coach his students. Get in touch with us today and live your dreams of seeing yourself play like a professional.

You can reach us through this email address: [email protected]

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  1. Thank you for helping upcoming musicians. I wanted to know if you can use the number system when you are showing the chord progressions to a song. Many beginners my not understand do re me fa so la ti do. But in the US we use the number system a lot. A lot of individual's ears have not developed to hear the scale. Thank you

    1. :)Thank you for your feedback. We wouuld try our possible best to implement the number system in the chord progressions.