A beginner keyboardist approached me today with a question, and it goes this way.
Please sir, i listened to a song today with a 2-5-1 Progression, and the keyboardist was really crazy with his 2 chord.

When he held his 2 chord, it doesn't sound like the regular 2 chord on the key of C major which is D on the left hand and D+F+A+C on the right hand, atleast not really, but his 2 chord sounds more contemporary and spicier than the regular 2 chord.

Do you know how he did that?
Hmmmm i took him to my church and played for him when i voiced out the 2 chord in the Key of C major, he was really amazed then he said "Yes, that's exactly how his 2 chord sounded" Can you show me how you did that?

By now you should know that my lesson now is based on voicings.
So many Gospel pianist has a different way of voicing chords and make it sounds more like the regular chords. E.g, Playing the Drop 2 voicing of the C major 7th which is G - C E G sounds different compared to the regular Cmaj7, C E G B also voicing a rootless voicing of the C maj9 chords this way, G B - E G B D, while the bass player plays the root note which is C, sounds more like the regular Cmaj9 chord which is C - C E G B D.
Voicing has to do with the rearrangement of chords using a technique known as voicing techniques.
This lesson is on the Key of C major for simplicity sake but if you do not play on Key C, transpose is at your service.

Chord 1: The regular C major chord , C / C+E+G can be voiced thus,
C+G+E / G+C+E+G or by adding a 9th tone
C+G+E / G+C+D+E G(Cmajor9) or
C+F+G / C+E+G you can also add you 7th tone if you like.

Chord 2: the regular D minor 7th chord D / D+F+A+C can be voiced thus
D+A+C / F+C+D+F or this crazy stuff
D+A+E+F / G+A+C+E+G.

Chord 3: the regular E minor 7 chord E / E+G+B+D can be voiced thus
E+C / E+G+C or
E+C / E+G+B+C check out this one
E+B+D / G+C+D+G

Chord 4: the regular F major 7th chord F / F A C E can be voiced thus.
F+C+G+A / C+F+G+C

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