Nigerian highlife bass guitarist


Two Bass guitar grooves for 1-5 highlife progression

We are going to talk about two bass line grooves that you can play for the 1-5 progression. When we talk about the 1-5 progression, we mean the doh - soh progression. Remember that different highlife songs carry different progressions, so don't expect that these basslines would work on all highlife songs.

These bass lines are more popular with the juju highlife songs. You know all those yoruba bands that play at weddings, burial and other ceremonies. Most of their songs(not all oo) don't go beyond the 1-5 progressions. Even celestial churches too, most times they sing on the 1 - 5 progression throughout.

You can watch the video above for an illustration of how the bass grooves sound.

The first bass line is:

doh soh   reh soh

While the second one is:

mii fah soh reh
lah fah soh doh

Before you begin to question me on how it sounds, watch the video illustration to know how they sound.


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