This is the Chord Progression of "Glorious God" by Elijah Oyelade written in Tonic solfa .

The Intro part of the song has a chord progression played with a guitar of 

guitarist playing glorious God by Elijah Oyelade

m m f f f
m m f f f
as many times as possible

then the soloist of the intro playing the saxophone:

He went like this:

s......d r m l s
s......d t f l s
f m r; d m r; d l s

then the pianist played a lick to usher the singer

He was like:

d m s d t l s r f l s s

Now to the main body of the song:

Glorious God
Beautiful king
Excellent God, I bow before your throne
                  s                                     d

the progression of that part is:
s d s d

Now to the part of:

Bow before your throne
worship at your feet
Bow before your throne
You're the Glorious God

the progression of that part is f d s d

Your name is Alpha, Omega, Ageless, Changeless
                       f           d            s            l
Almighty, Jehovah
f                   d
Glorious God I bow before your throne
s               r                                    d

Bass guitarist can improvise on these progressions.

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