First of all a scale is a sequence of notes played one after the other

So a chromatic scale
child playing the chromatic scale on the piano
is the playing of notes one after the other in the semitone movement.

C   C#   D   D#   E   F   F#   G   G#   A   A#   B   C

d     de   r    re    m   fa   fe     s   ze     l    le     ti   d      -----      solfa notes of a chromatic scale

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Piano
Lesson 2: Brief Introduction to music
Lesson 3: Keys of the Piano
Lesson 4: Singing and playing on different keys
Lesson 5: Intervals
Lesson 6: Chromatic Scale
Lesson 7: Circle of Fifths and Fourths
Lesson 8: Key Signature
Lesson 9: Proper fingering techniques for the major scale
Lesson 10: Fingering for the chromatic scale
Lesson 11: Introduction to Chords
Lesson 12: Fingering for playing chords and chord progression
Lesson 13: Chord inversions

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